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Welcome to the Grand Opening of Doujinshi Snow!

This site is devoted to Yuyu Hakusho fans everywhere. Well...mainly for the ones who like the yaoi aspects of it. Through a lot of hard work and a lot of help from others, I've compiled an impressively large collection of scanlated YYH Doujinshi. What you see now is just the tip of the iceberg. Initially I wanted to open with everything already ready for viewing but I realized that wasn't going to be plausible. So I chose a select few doujinshi to open with.

As some of you may remember, years ago there was an infamous site affiliated with That site was Yuyu Hakusho Doujinshi in English. Extremely popular and very well run, most of what you'll find here was originally on that site. I tried to email the last email I could find associated with the site to ask permission to use these files. Alas, I got no reply. So for the good of the fandom (and because these files were already floating across the internet) I decided it would be ok to make this site.

My goals for this site are simple. To work on getting everything I can find up for all to see and enjoy. And to hopefully, someday in the future, begin to translate doujinshi that's never been done before. There's SO much out there just crying out to be translated. That's probably far in the future but I do wish to make it happen eventually.

So thank you to anyone who actually read this far. Sit back, enjoy the site and please, spread the word. We want every fan to know that these wonderful doujinshi are once again available in one convinient website.